It’s an exciting next couple of months!

My new band, The Michael Herring Quartet (still looking for a name), is playing twice – January 28th at the Tranzac (10pm) and February 11th at the Emmet Ray (9pm).   Both shows are PWYC.   The band is two saxophones, bass and drums with David French and Chris Gale passing back and forth between baritone and tenor, while Nick Fraser (drums) and I hold it together (or make a mess).  Originals, Mingus and other great 60’s jazz.

My nerdy-rock band, Harrington will be playing my rock songs at the Tranzac on February 7th.   The band is Dave Clark (drums, backing vocals), Paul Kolinski (guitar, backing vocals) and Harley Card (guitar, backing vocals) – we’ve been compared to They Might Be Giants, Moldy Peaches, & Royal City – I didn’t know Royal City and now really like them!   Excited to play some new tunes with this dynamic band, probably around midnight.   Opening up for it will be Chris Warren (10pm) – one of my favourite songwriters – and I get to play with him along with my long-time drummer friend Ryan Granville Martin, and then the Leah Hunter Band  will be playing (11pm – another old friend!).  Check out her great new single.

Peripheral Vision will be on a rampage the next two months!  Besides our regular Tranzac gigs (February 5th with Tara Davidson and April 2nd with Phill Albert), and opening for Friendly Rich and the Lolipop people at the Cameron House on February 12) we’ll be going across Western Canada from March 1-18 – for details visit Peripheral Vision’s gigs page.

Hope to see you at one of these shows!